Thursday, 20 October 2016


Welcome to Eclectic Software Engineering, a blog for software developers and engineers, and those who aspire to those roles. While "eclectic" in the sense that we do not aspire to formally teach software engineering or the craft of software development, nor do we aim to build up any sort of comprehensive "curriculum" or treament of set topics, it is hoped nevertheless that the content to come will be found both interesting and useful to those working in the software development field (or those wishing to do so).

Apart from the occasional, or even more frequent, general article relating to software engineering and development, you will also expect to find here numerous articles complete with downloadable source code detailing the creation of actual applications and toy or illustrative programs meant mainly to demonstrate particular focus points. In the case of larger applications, we expect there to be a series of articles relating the various stages of the analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of them. It is hoped that these may be used by others both as a tool for learning and as a base for further development, where the code proves to be of sufficient interest or utility to the individual concerned.

All code provided here will be free and open source, and made available on GitHub so that it can be freely downloaded and modified as required. Naturally, as we are all tired of hearing, no warranties or guarantees of any sort are implied by making this code available to you for your own use. You are responsible for ensuring the code you use and create will do what you want it to do.

On with the show! Happy programming!